10 Reasons why Event Planners should book their next event in Korea

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10 Reasons why Event Planners should book their next event in Korea 1. Easy and Convenient Access Korea is becoming one the most popular hub in Asia. Incheon International Airport serves almost 200 cities worldwide, with many direct flights. Travelers from about 150 countries are exempted of Visa for short terms visits. Organizing an event in Korea and especially in Seoul guarantees an easy access for all the international delegates. 2. Top Infrastructures Every successful event requires great infrastructures to offer the best experience. In Korea you can count on the fastest internet connection in the world for your live and hybrid events. You can also count on world class event venues, whether you look for modern or traditional settings. Transportation systems are clean and efficient in all the largest cities. 3. Trendsetters Pretty sure you have heard of Squid Games; the most popular Netflix show of all time? Or maybe you have heard of the most famous K-Pop band, BTS? South Korea is now making the trends in all cultural aspects: food, entertainment, High Tech, beauty, … It is now the time to follow the Korean wave and discover the most popular country in Asia! 4. Stay safe South Korea is one of safest country in the world, with one of the lowest criminality reports. The biggest cities are full of life day and night, it is safe to stay anywhere. Regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, that South Korea has been set as an example in terms of virus management and is one of the few countries that was able to flatten the epidemic curve quickly without imposing any lockdown. The efficient testing and tracking system, allows to organize events and tours safely. 5. Culture and History rich of 5000 years South Korea has an exceptional and rich culture, boasting 15 UNESCO Heritage sites. From Royal Palaces to Buddhist temples or DMZ (border with North Korea), the country has a lot of fascinating stories to tell. 6. Innovative What strikes most visitors is how the traditions and modernity blend so well in Korea. The innovations are part of everyday life for Koreans, and the country is home of the most advanced tech research centers. 7. Gastronomy Korean cuisine is getting more and more popular and accessible worldwide. Maybe you have already heard about Korean barbecue, fried chicken, or kimchi? The flavorful and colorful food of Korea has even now more Michelin Guide stars! 8. Top quality service Faithful to service excellence you would expect in Asia, in Korea we aim for perfect service. At KR Hospitality & Event, our clients are at the heart of our philosophy, and their needs are central to our operational services. Strong from 20+ years of experience and an international team, we employ the best local expertise to take away our clients’ concerns. 9. Unique destination Many travel planners are looking for new and original destinations. There is no better and safer option than South Korea if you want to tickle the attention of your client. 10. Variety of Accommodation South Korea offers a wide range of accommodation: domestic and international hotel chains are implanted throughout the country with excellent service and comfort. There is a rising number of boutique hotels with unique look and feel. If you want to spice up the experience, you can also look at Hanok (traditional Korea house) or Temple Stay Experience.
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