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Destination Management Company – Argentina

Welcome to MIC DMC by AMV Travel!
An Argentinian Destination Management Company ready to give you an extra value through our local eyes with more than 20 years of reliable and vast experience in MICE and High-End Travelers. We focus on our professionalism and unique ideas to give you a burst of color in each of our programs. We innovate with sophistication and passion providing disruptive and inspiring content for your next visit to South America.

Put a pause and activate your senses to enjoy Argentinian´s main beauties:

● Meet outgoing friendly and effusive people

● Enjoy endless natural resources: mountains chains, massive lakes, enormous water falls, lush forest, huge glaciers, icebergs, vast deserts, wetlands.

● Savour our local cuisine: “Asado” (barbecue) together with a juicy “Empanada” and a delicious glass of Malbec wine, ending with typical “dulce de leche” or “The Mate” our national drink.

● Feel the passion and romance of the Tango

● Witness the huge fanatism and passion for football, the most popular national sport.

● Watch the diversity of our Fauna: Whale´s watching, penguins, sealions, beavers, Patagonian bird watching, Pumas, Guanacos, Horses.

● Practice diversity of sports: Golf, Kayak, Rafting, Canopy, fly fishing, bird watching, trekking, horseback riding and running.

● Touch the grass of the “Pampas” visiting an Estancia, meet the Gaucho and their lifestyle. Be part of a Polo Demonstration match.

● Observe more about our European influence through our buildings

● Put a mark in your passport by visiting the southernmost city of the world with access to Antarctica

● Get to visit Iguazu Water Falls, one of the seven natural beauties of the world

● Walk inside Perito Moreno Glacier, second largest ice cup of the world in southern Patagonia

● Glamping in the middle of the virgin Patagonian landscape

● Have a luxury private cocktail inside a cruise facing Patagonian glaciers

● Explore an endless astounding natural world heritage

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