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Destination Management Company – Slovenia

Atlas Express Ltd., Portoroz was founded by Mr. Janez Maček in 1991, immediately upon the independence of the Republic of Slovenia. To the present day Atlas Express has succeeded in providing best business solutions, delivering a full range services to its clients, with innovative ideas. Atlas Express is present on the market as the leading Shorex, Incoming and DMC agent in Slovenia. Our knowledge in the hospitality industry has been achieved through passionate work and dedication to its customers’ satisfaction.

Atlas Express is a family owned company managed by Janez & Taja, working together in order to optimize the creativity of each product. New experiences, satisfaction of the guests and involvement of the local community make their work priceless.

We strive to deliver high quality products that fulfil our clients demands. The standards we rely upon are the basics of the hospitality business which are overseen by our senior management. Whether you have a small party or a group, Atlas Express can always coordinate every detail with a quality of personal service which will exceed your expectations.

Expertise is reached with constant education, selected staff and yearly workshops in order to follow the ever changing global guest satisfaction standards. Our team consists of professionals who originate from diverse fields of education in order to provide a variety that is constant in its quality standards.

Atlas Express strongly believes that with creativity and a tailor made approach to all clients’ requests will provide an overall satisfaction. Think global, act local is the mission that we incorporate in all aspects of our everyday work Loyal to our heritage roots we try to share the local environment with clients on a global level with global guidance.

Why Choose us:

We are local experts
We work hard to deliver your event
Satisfying the most bizarre and audacious demands, while remaining in budget
Always ready to think outside of the box
Your demanding request is our passion to assist
We will exceed your expectations

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