Iberostar Heritage Grand Amazon – Brazil


Iberostar Heritage Grand Amazon

Did you know that the Amazon River irrigates the largest rainforest in the world?

The Amazon basin has a surface area of 2.3 million square miles and is home to 40,000 plant species and nearly 400 billion trees.

Did you know that this river also holds a fifth of planet’s fresh water?

We invite you to cruise the Amazon aboard a floating 5-star luxury hotel, the Iberostar Heritage Grand Amazon.

Relish adventure and nature from the lungs of the earth.

Choose between three possible itineraries and immerse yourself in an authentic experience with scheduled daily activities for you to discover an Amazon that’s truly wild.

Fully embrace your Amazon adventure while enjoying high-quality service, lavish amenities, and unparalleled gastronomy.

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Iberostar Heritage Grand Amazon



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