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If there’s anything in southern Ethiopia that can rival the majesty of the north’s historical circuit, it’s the people of the Lower Omo Valley. The villages are home to some of Africa’s most fascinating ethnic groups and a trip here represents a unique chance for travellers to encounter a culture markedly different from their own. Whether it’s wandering through traditional Daasanach villages, watching Hamer people performing a Jumping of the Bulls ceremony or seeing the Mursi’s mind-blowing lip plates, your visit here will stick with you for a lifetime. The landscape is diverse, ranging from dry, open savannah plains to forests in the high hills and along the Omo and Mago Rivers.

The Omo Valley Is the home of 17 tribes, Two of four main linguistic families are represented in Omo by the Nilo-Saharan and Cushitic branches, plus the Afro-Asian family, represented by the Omotic branch. Each tribe has its own language and no writing. All the information about themselves and the outside world they transfer from generation by generation by word. It is a veritable paradise for photographers and Naturalists. This region is virtually unexplored and unspoiled since the beginning of history; Rich in human prehistory, archaeologists have unearthed what may be the remains of the earliest human beings on Earth. The Omo valley has contributed to the existence of large numbers of wildlife of a great variety.

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