Experience 20th IMS International Myeloma Society Annual Meeting and Exposition with Liberty DMC

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Athens, Greece – a city steeped in history, culture, and an undeniable allure that attracts some of the most significant MICE events in the world. Mark your calendars because a remarkable event is on the horizon! The 20th IMS International Myeloma Society Annual Meeting and Exposition, generously supported by major sponsors, is set to grace the captivating cityscape from September 27th to 30th. And where better to host this prestigious gathering than the iconic Megaron Athens International Conference Centre?
If you're gearing up for a MICE trip to Athens, you're in for an extraordinary experience. And here's where our premium partner, Liberty Greece and Cyprus DMC, steps in as your ultimate ally.
A Glimpse of Liberty Group Liberty Group is your doorway to unlocking the most seamless and memorable MICE experiences in Athens. As a distinguished DMC, they're primed and ready to cater to your every need – from transportation and accommodation logistics to meticulously curated itineraries that showcase the very best of Athens.
Why Choose Liberty Group?  
Local Expertise: With an intricate understanding of Athens and its nuances, Liberty Group ensures you delve into the city's essence, creating an authentic encounter for attendees.
Unparalleled Support: Navigating a MICE event can be intricate, but Liberty Group has your back. Their dedicated team offers unparalleled support, ensuring your event is flawlessly executed.
Tailored Experiences: Liberty Group goes beyond the ordinary, crafting tailor-made experiences that align with your vision and goals, leaving an indelible mark on all participants.
The 20th IMS International Myeloma Society Annual Meeting and Exposition This monumental event is poised to redefine conferences, and with Liberty Group's expert assistance, it's guaranteed to be a seamless success. Whether it's arranging seamless transportation for delegates or ensuring top-notch accommodation, Liberty Group's commitment to excellence shines through.
Get in Touch Ready to elevate your MICE experience to unparalleled heights? Connect with our premium partners at www.dmcfinder.com and unveil the possibilities that Liberty Greece and Cyprus DMC can bring to your Athens journey.
Don't just attend an event – immerse yourself in a transcendent experience, orchestrated by Liberty Group, your MICE partner of choice.
Author: Deb Davad
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