Post Covid update on Portugal with TEMPOVIP DMC

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Update on Post Covid Portugal

Tempovip is a DMC.

A beautiful name in english that just means: We create, organize and manage the programs specially made for you to know Portugal how, when and the what you want.

Our experience is great. We started in 2004 and we are still in great shape! The joviality of our team makes a perfect match with more than 15 years of experience.
Tell us what you want and we plan everything. Want to be surprised? Just trust us.
Our specialty is Portugal. We know everything in detail.
Everyone has heard that Portugal "is incredible". At TempoVip, we go a bit further.
Our favorite answer is: "Yes, sure and for sure!".

We want to surprise you.

We all like luxury and exclusivity,
but these words have different meaning for each one.
There are those who can not travel without staying in a five-star hotel,
but there are those who see the luxury on a deserted beach,
or in a simple conversation with a shepherd on a field trip.
Everything makes sense, even combined.

TempoVip knows how to make it happen.

Fly to any of the two major cities in Portugal and we will be there to welcome you.

To register for the event please click on the link below:

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