Destination Update: Quito, Ecuador

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QUITO, ECUADOR Quito, located in the heart of the Andes, is an emerging destination for incentive and leisure travel. The city allocates all major re-named chain hotels, venues, and facilities to cater to tourists with all kinds of tastes. Quito will provide travelers a great diversity of experiences and services in terms of culture, gastronomy, landscapes, architecture, history, and more.  “Must experiences” Cooking class: Take a delicious and enriching class in traditional Ecuadorian cuisine. From selecting the ingredients in a traditional local market, then preparing a typical dish of the region and tasting the Ecuadorian flavors. While doing this you will learn a lot about Ecuadorian culture through its flavors and ingredients. Local Market experience Do not miss visiting the local markets of Quito, where you will discover the traditional food in all its splendor and merge it into the daily life of Quiteños. Blow your mind while learning about different types of endemic types of fruits, vegetables, and ground products such as the “tubers” found in the Andean region. Also, you will be able to try fresh fruits such as naranjilla, chirimoya, the sweet and sour tree tomato, granadillas, babacos, uvillas among others which are grown in the different regions of the country. It will be a journey of flavors to your palate. Chocolate tasting, (Pacari) Experience the virtues of fine aroma chocolate with each flavor, with international quality and made with the best cacao in the world. The tasting consists of savoring organic cacao and comparing with other presentations of chocolate bars others that contain flavors from Ecuador, enjoying every bite, while we go through the history of cacao in Ecuador.  Agave Museum & Tasting The first Museum, Factory, and Distillery in Ecuador. The Agave Museum was created in honor of the culture of Andean agave. It is a project of more than 15 years of research, innovation, and enhancement of the culture of the Andean agave. This place counts with an artisan production center, where you have the possibility to interact more deeply with the processes of extraction, transformation, pasteurization, fermentation, styling, resting, and elaboration of the well-known chaguarmisqui. You can access the environmental interpretation area where the agave plant and its planting and growth process are.  Middle of the world It is the most visited place in Ecuador, just 30 minutes from Quito. The Middle of the World monument and complex is dedicated to the Equator division line of the earth offers interactive areas for visitors. The tourist’s favourite activity is to take pictures standing over the yellow line painted on the cement which divides our planet into the north and south hemispheres.  “Must eat” Potato soup (Locro quiteño) The classic potato soup from the Ecuadorian Andes must be on your list. A thick and simple soup, where potato is the star ingredient. This is, without a doubt, one of the favourite dishes of Quiteños and foreigners. Always have locro with avocado and cheese slices, to make it taste better, a unique experience. Do not miss this soup that may include broad beans, native mellocos, chard, and pork rinds.  “Best nightlife” In the heart of the north-central area of Quito, we recommend visiting the new and trendy options for Ecuadorian craft beer at Whymper Street. There is a wide variety of local brews as you enjoy music and food. Cumbaya is another alternative neighborhood for nightlife, in this area of the city, you will find a variety of small bars and restaurants within a walking distance to match all tastes. “Best time to visit” Quito is a year-long destination. Its temperature varies from 18 to 22 degrees celsius. The city has a drier season which is from May to September, and a rainy season for the remaining months of the year. This does not mean that it will be pouring rain all day long, as you may get all seasons in one day. Quito will always surprise its visitors with comfortable temperatures to enjoy the city to its fullest. “Top Tip” Don't miss visiting the city from a different perspective. The rooftops are located in the most iconic boutique hotels of the city’s historical center. Enjoy a signature cocktail on one of these rooftops while you will delight your sight with the privileged viewpoints of the traditional churches and their domes. These
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